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    Corpotel is a US based company with international scope.
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    Cooling Systems for climate control, food and industrial processes.
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    Power Generation backup systems
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    Automation Systems to enhanced business processes.

Products and Services

Cooling Systems

We have a wide range of products and services that may be applied: 

  • Climate, intended to control and improve the thermal comfort of buildings and public spaces. 
  • Conservation of food, medicines and other products that require specific temperature and humidity 
  • Industrial processes required to manage the temperature of machinery or equipment for proper operation.

Power Systems

We can offer solutions in the areas of uninterruptible power supply. Specialized equipment to provide power for a limited time during a power outage and all the devices connected, as well as improve the quality of the electrical energy reaching loads, increases filtering and eliminating brownouts and AC harmonics on the if using AC power. Also, we offer solutions for the generation and distribution of energy for residential, industrial and urban applications.

Automation Systems

Our automation solutions allow the use of computerized and electromechanical systems or elements for controlling machines and / or industrial processes or optimizing function replacing human operators.

These systems are designed especially for the following industries:

  • Beverage and Drink Industries
  • Manufacture Industries
  • Oil Industries